26 inches 72 pounds

Keira has a mixed coat    Keira is daughter to Rayna

1. This is a  large, powerful breed with natural guarding instincts 

2. Strong willed, independent minded, not for a timid person  , need obedience training. 

3. Very energetic, athletic and require lots of high intensity exercise. Great for the active person/family that regularly goes for long walks or hikes.  A fenced yard where they can freely run is also a great way to get exercise. Play fetch, tug, etc. 

4. One of the most inteligent breeds, love to have a job (something you ask them to do) whether its training, fetching, picking up objects etc.   also provide mental stimulation. Insanly inteligent, able to work thru problems. Learn very fast but will test you so be consitent and do obedience training regularly. 

5.Grooming requirements: require weekly full brush out, more often if beard and furnishing are long, full groom every 6-8 weeks  If furnishing kept short then less freqent brush out will work. 

6. They must be socialized, intruduced to meeting people, dogs, cats, children,  experiencing new places, sites, soungs etc. This is a must!

7. They are "velcro dogs" and want to be with you, although not prone to separation anxiety they will follow you every where.


1. They are the most loyal and loving dogs . They are naturally protective of their family

2. They want to be with you and will follow you anywhere. They are the BEST companioun, partner!

3. They love to snugle. go  for walks, hicking, swimming. mischevious, playfull. 

4. Incredibly intelligent and learn so very fast. Very versitale and can learn to do anything you want to teach them. They will be your best companion, partner, protector. They can be service dogs, protection, sports, competition, swimming partner. Bring in the news paper, pick up and/or carry items for you. 

4. So beautiful, elegant, regal.

5. They will look at you with those big brown eyes and melt your heart. Even when they did something you want to be mad at them for, you just cant. 

6. They are low shedding and are highly hypoalergenic. 

7. Once you have had one you will never want to be without one. Untli you have had one of these amazing dogs in your life you just  dont know what you are missing.



26 1/2 in. 78 pounds 






Numerous Champion's in his pedigree including his parent's

Rayna has a mixed coat 

Shotzi has a  soft coat

Gage has a mixed coat

Stella has a 

soft coat

Stella is ranked 3rd in the NATION In RALLY 2022!  Per Giant Schnauzer association of America  Rally is a performance competition. 


Our Team

We work to better the breed, to preserve the amazing qualities that are a Giant Schnauzer. We breed for the true love of the breed. Breeding for quality , health, temperment, size and muscle you see in a working Giant Schnauzer.  We take breeding seriously. No short cuts, putting 100% into making sure that our breeding program is the best.  Our dogs are a big part of our family.  Our pups make wonderful family pets, companions, protection dogs, working dogs and therapy/service dogs. We train and compete in Rally and Formal Obedience. Our Dogs have proven temperments and workability. Our pups have went on to be certified service dogs, personal protection, several have earned AKC titles  in Rally, Obedience, and agility. They are AKC registered. They are tested and cleared for VWB, OFA eyes, OFA thyroid, OFA ELBOWS, Pen-hip.  








   Of the three Schnauzer types, the Giant Schnauzer is the largest and most powerful. They are described as being robust, strongly built, well-muscled and active. Their body is strong, compact, and nearly square, combining great power with agility. The stride is free and vigorous, with good reach and drive. They are described as a bold and  valiant figure of a dog. 

   Males should stand between 25.5  and 27.5 inches and weigh between 60-95 pounds,  Females should stand between 23.5 inches and 25.5 inches and weigh between 55-75 pounds.   This is just the standard. There is nothing wrong with a male or female that is larger than the standar. 

   The Giant Schnauzer originated in the country side of Bavaria and Wurrtemburg. Developed in the 17th century. Cattlemen there were inpressed by the smaller Standard Schnauzer, and sought to emulate them on a larger scale that would be suitable for driving cattle. It is likely , though not documented, that they crossed the Standard Schnauzer with larger dogs including the . Great Dane and Bouvier des Flandres, and even crosses with the black standard poodle. They worked as guard dogs on the farm, in the butchers, and the breweries.  The Giant Schnauzer excel in a vast range of fields, from police work and guard work, search and rescue, service work, the agility ring and hearding. 

   This is a breed that combines so much personality into one. They are energetic and inteliigent, playful, mischievous, loyal, protective, and fun loving. They are enough to keep an experienced owner on their toes. The Giant Schnauzer is a high energy dog who is more energetic than many other breeds of a similar size, You should plan at least an hour's exercise TWO TO THREE TIMES a day, idealy more. This is a dog who will also love the opportunity to head out to the hills for a day hiking. They need high-intensity exercise every day, which should include the opportunity to run free. In addition to exercise you must provide mental stimulation each day, training, learning tricks, chase, frisby, ball etc. They tolerate the cold better than the sun.  Given the ideal exercise and mental stimulation you will be rewarded with a calm and settled companion. They have a high prey drive, so care is needed to ensure that you have trained a reliable recall and exercise off-leash in a safe enviornment . They learn quickly, and while this can be to your advantage, it can also mean that they can learn the wrong thing just as quickly. Early enrolment to puppy classes is essential so that you soon have a well-mannered dog who will be a pleasure to own. The key to harmonious living with a Giant Schnauzer is ensuring that their physical and mental needs are met. Then they become a well-mannered family dog who is a delight to live with. But be warned, fail to meet their needs, and you'll have a dog who becomes destructive and difficult to manage.


   Weekly grooming is essential. To maintain a healthy coat fully brush them out every week with a full groom that includes nail care, ear care, clippering or stripping every 4-6 weeks. 






26  inches tall 84 pounds

26 inches  79 pounds

27 1/2  inches 100 pounds

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